When we think of Burgers in New Zealand we think of ...

the Chinese Takeaway version? - the Kiwiburger - slimy pattie, beetroot, egg; The Hawaiian burger - add pineapple; The fishburger - deep fried fish, coleslaw, mayo and perhaps a slice of tomato.

Fast food? - MacDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, Carls Jr.

Gourmet burgers?  - Burger Wisconsin, BurgerFuel.

Pattie?  Beef, Chicken, Fish, vegetarian?

A burger is so much more.  It is more than a meal in a bun. There really is nothing better than picking up and biting into a great burger.  The problem is that there is so much room for error.  Especially here in Aotearoa where a burger is a convenience food.  Most of us have had the horror burger.  Stale bun. Mealy pattie bulked up with egg or breadcrumbs. A dollop of Tomato Sauce for flavour.  And so we tend to shun the burger when heading out for a meal - settling for the boring corn fritters, or the salmon bagel at brunch. The steak and chips for dinner.

ITS TIME TO RESTORE OUR FAITH IN THE BURGER.  It is too good a food to ignore.
For a long time I have thought of setting up a blog on burgers.  And where better to do that than in Wellington.  The home of BURGER WELLINGTON, where restaurants vie for the title of "best burger in Wellington".

I LOVE BURGERS.  I love the look, I love the taste, I love the concept, I love the simple complexity,  and I love the history.  My aim is to share my passion.


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