Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Kotuku Rendezvous Cafe, Lower Hutt, - 7/10

Finally succumbing to a cold last week, I decided to stay home.  However, the cold wasn't bad enough for me to turn down lunch with Dawn, who had a rare day off.  Trying to think of somewhere we hadn't been before,  I suggested Kotuku.  We had been there previously when it was the Tiki Lounge AND I thought I had heard they did a burger.  Reaching agreement we headed out to Waiwhetu, which is where Kotuku lived ; off the beaten track.

Thankfully, the burger was on the menu and it sounded good.  I'm pretty sure it said 200g Wagyu but it could well have been Angus.  At $16, it probably was Angus.  Like I said, I had a cold so you can't hold it against me for not having all my facts straight.  Further, Kotuku doesn't have an online menu so I can't verify. I can say that the burger came with Thrice cooked homemade chips, which were winners!!

To summarise, this is the best looking burger that I have had so far.  The top bun nonchalantly offset to show off the charred burger and melted cheese.  They appear to have even glazed the outside of the bun!!   Unfortunately, it was almost as if they didn't want to take away from the appearance by providing any bold flavours.  That is not to say it was bad - far from it.  It is just that there wasn't much in the way of taste.  Again I did have a cold, so maybe my taste buds weren't as vigorous as they could have been.

Chicago Bar and Cafe Wellington, Americana Burger - 4/10

The Americana burger - house made burger with sweet and sour coleslaw, cheese, pickles, American mustard, and our chipotle BBQ sauce served with fries - $18

With a description like that you need to be intrigued!!  Sweet and sour, chipotle BBQ sauce, American mustard.  A wacky mix that would either be sublime or substandard.

Chicago Bar is a self proclaimed American style sports cafe, so it had to have burgers on its menu that required rating.

Taking along my fellow burger afficionado Brad, we hit the joint for lunch.

Both of us had consulted the online menu.  Brad bagsed the Hurricane burger, which was described as "the biggest burger in town" and had a $22 price tag to match.  That left me with the Americana burger.  I must add here that they also had a burger on their $12 menu- a beef burger with cheese, mesculin (sic), BBQ sauce and fries, which I didn't consider.  In hindsight it might have been a better option.