Thursday, 6 June 2013

Burger Wellington 2013

The WOAP lineup for 2013 has been revealed, with 69 entries for Burger Wellington.  It will be a mission, but one that I will subscribe to with relish and gusto (with some help from a few trusty burger aficionados!!)

I'm thinking I will probably get through a dozen.  Any thoughts on which they should be?  Here is the list.

Note that I only very reluctantly stray away from Beef patties...Lamb maybe, Chicken? At a pinch.  Seafood?  If you pay me.  Vegetarian? not a chance.  Dessert?  Thats what ice-cream is for.

Regulators.  Saddle up!!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Crazy Horse, Wellington, Prime Beef Cheeseburger - 7.0/10

Prime beef cheeseburger - Lettuce, beetroot, tomato, gherkin & horseradish mayonaise, hand-cut jumbo fries, tomato sauce - $28.

They say you get what you pay for.  And at $28 we were expecting something pretty spectacular.  Outside of the Wellington on a Plate competition, this was the most expensive burger we have reviewed!!

Crazy Horse steakhouse is the premier steakhouse in Wellington, only open for lunch on a Friday.  On arrival we were greeted by quality wait staff and shown to our table.  The step up in service was apparent.  As was the quality of our surrounds.  Quality cutlery, crisp white napkins.  Three types of water to choose from (we chose tap) and free bread and butter.  Just to digress, the butter was white, which was quite novel.

The Crazy Horse was chosen by Gary a.k.a. Puller, who was obviously eager to impress upon us his love of burgers and keenness to become a part of our growing burger afficianado following. (To be honest the only growing happening has been our waistlines).