Monday, 27 October 2014

Fat Dog, Rotorua, Dogs Bollucks - 1/10

The Fat Dog in Rotorua has served up what has to be the worst burger I have ever had - the Dogs Bollox Burger.  While the description was mouthwatering -

2 Beef patties, fried egg, lettuce, coleslaw, roast tomato, onion rings, caramelised onion, and sesame bun with fries

- the actual tower of terror that arrived would make the dog's eyes water.

You really have to ask yourself what were they thinking?  Have they even tried to eat the burger themselves?  Do they really think this is something a customer might want?  Do they think its funny?  Impressive? Come on.  It has to be a joke right?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Burgers on the Chathams

My favourite photo from my visit to the Chathams.
My job took me to the Chatham Islands which is New Zealand's eastern frontier about 800 km directly east of Dunedin.  With a population of 600 people and no cell phone coverage, the place fits the description of remote rural.  It is, however, the real first place in the world to see the sun and a full 45 minutes ahead of NZ time.

Well known for Crayfish and Paua, and me being a bit of a foodie,I was quite surprised/ disappointed that neither of these two items were on the menu at either of the two eating establishments on the Island.

(In hindsight this tends to make sense when you consider the locals can get the stuff for free, and there just aren't enough tourists to justify stocking the good stuff.)

What both places did have on the menu, however, were burgers.  How could I come all the way here and say I didn't try the burgers?  I couldn't.