Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Craftsman, Wellington, Cheeseburger - 6/10

The Craftsman was a place that I hadn't heard of before, but with a GrabOne offer of two burgers and two beers for $20, I was all ears.  Actually, in searching for the menu on one of the many menu sites that are around they list 'burgers' as one of their keyword searches.  (Alas I could not find an online menu and their website was "undergoing maintenance", so I can't actually give you the burger description).  However, I do recall that the cheeseburger I had cost $12.50.

From this angle, a pretty substantial looking burger!!
So I organised with my fellow burger afficianado, Brad, and we headed off for a jaunt down to the end of Courtney Place, where The Craftsman had a perfect position on the corner of Courtney and Cambridge.  I recall it was perfect Wellington weather (when isn't it?).

Always on time, Brad was waiting for me when I arrived.  OK surroundings.  There was a choice of high bench tables and normal tables.  A slightly tired look and nowhere near as busy as "Sweet Mother's Kitchen" next door.