Friday, 30 August 2013

Cobar, Eastbourne, The Co-burger (WOAP 2013) - 6.5/10

Rosemary lamb patty, Zany Zeus halloumi, beetroot and salad in a Pandoro bun served with hand cut chips - $19

Being stuck out in the Hutt Valley during Burger Wellington did have a silver lining in that it meant I had to try the suburban offerings.  I had tried the Empire entry in Petone the week before, and now had a chance to head out to Cobar in Eastbourne for the Co-burger.

What had been holding me back from going there was the lamb pattie.  After a disappointing experience at McDonalds, I have steered clear of lamb burgers.  However, with limited options, I thought I would go with the flow.  Joining me were fellow Huttites Tony and Gavin.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Portlander, Wellington, Lamborghini - 7/10

Shredded lamb shoulder twice cooked with duck fat in a bun with mushroom, lettuce, cucumber and mint jelly - $12

review by Brad

I like lamb. I like lamb a lot. But I am yet to have a great lamb burger. So like going to a romantic comedy at the movies, I ventured into Portlander to take on The Lamborghini with low expectations but hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

I will also come clean and say I had previously had a less that satisfying burger experience at Portlander with The Bullfighter.  I was trying not to let this influence me.  The stage was set.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Little Beer Quarter - Burg as Bro (WOAP 2013) - 7.5/10

Beef and lamb patty with pork belly, fried quail egg, aged cheddar, chilli-onion jam, pickled beetroot, Tuatara APAioli and lettuce in Pandoro bun, with chips and dip - $21

You can argue all you like about the merits of bacon, the necessity of cheese, the lack of condiments or whether a pickle has any place in a burger, but what I want to discuss today is engineering, burger engineering.

A burger with everything might look great but, when it comes to eating it in the traditional way, with your hands, there's only one way for its contents to go - all over my shirt. And that's detrimental to both my dignity and my relationship with the person who has the overall responsibility for getting the stains out of my clothes.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Joe's Garage, Wellington, beef burger - 7/10

Beef pattie, streaky bacon, lettuce, swiss cheese, caramelised onions, and aioli with hand cut chips - $17

See what I mean about the lettuce?
Joe's Garage is a pretty cool cafe at the bottom of Tory Street in Wellington Central.  Decor is, surprise, industrial/nostalgic - a bit like an old garage.  There are some cool vintage Tonka toys around the place as well.  Looking at their website, Joe's Garage is a franchise, with locations in seven spots around New Zealand.

We had been here before, but I didn't have the burger.  Last time it was just too early in the morning. This time it was still relatively early in the morning (10am) but I felt it was my duty to review the beef burger.  Particularly as the menu offerings suggested that Joe's would do a good burger!!  Further, as the burger has bacon, it was pretty much breakfast in a bun.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Empire, Petone, 20/20 Burger (WOAP 2013) - 6/10

Deluxe cheese burger of handmade minced scotch fillet, Zany Zeus smoked brinza cheese, rocket, beefsteak tomato and homemade aioli on a brioche bun, with roast duck-fat potatoes - $20

My anticipation for Burger Wellington has been dealt a blow with a change in my employment status.  Being in between jobs, I am no longer in Wellington during the lunch hour and so my plan for four burgers a week has been foiled.

Luckily, friends wanted to meet up for lunch on Monday, and they were keen to try a burger.

Being in the Hutt, we recommended the Empire Bar & Restaurant in Petone, whose offering did sound exciting, and had been highlighted on my burger bucket list.