Saturday, 28 April 2012

Arizona, Wellington - Beef Burger, 7/10

a nice looking package - held together with a bamboo twizzle stick

After a good night out at the basketball, where the Palmy Jets schooled the Wellington Saints, a mate and I had a bit of a hunger on.  The Arizona Bar and Grill on the corner of Featherston and Grey Street was an obvious choice as it was in a direct line between the stadium and the car.

No, I did have prior intel as I had enjoyed their stellar entry in the 2011 Burger Wellington, which I scored a 9/10.

So it was with anticipation and a sense of familiarity that I steered us towards Arizona.  We entered the establishment and after deliberating for all of 10 seconds, we ordered two beef burgers.

The Arizona beef burger is advertised as a “200 gram grilled beef patty with bacon, cheese, mesclun, tomato, gherkins, barbeque chipotle sauce and roasted garlic mayo in a bun, served with chunky fries”. - $19.50

bacon and cheese placement was a bit rough
- is that the barbeque chipotle sauce ?
The burgers definitely looked good when they arrived.  A nicely packaged burger, in a bun that I would suggest was a bap.  The condiments were all as described, and the pattie was definitely in the 200 gram range.  The cheese and bacon were thrown in and looked a bit messy, but overall, it was well put together.  Extremely juicy, I decided it was best to halve the burger rather than try to pick it up whole.

Now, overall, the burger tasted good.  It had the right level of juiciness, although this was largely provided by the fillings rather than the pattie.  The pattie, while seasoned well (with a slight Mexican flavour), was dense and dry.  This was the only disappointment as the rest of it worked.  It had the right amount of lettuce, sauce, tomato and, thankfully, gherkin.  I’m not too sure whether there was a barbeque chipotle sauce or whether it was just mayo (didn’t notice roasted garlic in there either).  However, this didn’t really matter as I don’t think either of those would have been a gamechanger.

a solid pattie.  A bit dense and dry...
Cleaned up the burger, left most of the chips (which were run of the mill frozen chunky fries) and then consulted with my mate.  We decided it was definitely better than average, but not spectacular to any degree.  Considering the lady at the next table had left half her pattie on the plate, we decided we couldn’t score it any higher than a seven out of ten – and so that’s what it scored – 7/10.

endnote - Arizona charges an extra 1.5 percent if paying by credit card.  What is up with that?

Monday, 2 April 2012

Parade Cafe, Wellington - Beef Burger with Bacon, Egg and Onions - 3/10

 Parade Cafe has taken over the Tugboat on Oriental Parade, and an awesome venue it is - apparently now complemented by tasty food.  Its Beef Burger with Bacon, Fried Egg and Onion served with salad and wedges  ($19) had me all excited.
Parade Cafe - a fine looking burger
This excitement escalated when the burger arrived.  As you can see from the picture it was an awesome looking burger - well constructed on a nice looking sesame seed bun.  Now I dont believe in egg so this was quickly removed from the burger.  The burger had mayo and a bbq sauce, along with some salad leaves.  All looking good so far...and then I attempted to eat it.

Parade Cafe - burger opened up for analysis

It's a cut in half and eat burger as a result of its size; and thats ok with me.  Unfortunately looks deceived and I was immediately disappointed as I took a bite.  The bun, instead of being soft with a bit of crunch was pretty hard and dry - i.e. stale.  The meat patty was solid as lacked moistness and flavour.  The bbq sauce and the mayo were all that gave it any liquidity - i even slathered some of that tomato sauce onto the burger in an effort to make it more palatable. Perhaps the egg yolk may have provided some more moistness but i didn't see the point at that stage.  Again, the salad leaves didn't add value and i cant recall the fried onions at all.  Were they even on there?

Overall, a good looking burger that just did not stack up to the taste test. I doubt whether i will be trying that burger again - 3/10.