Thursday, 15 September 2016

Burger Liquor, double standard - 8.5/10

Double Standard - ground chuck, cheddar, pickle, house ketchup and mustard mayo (double beef and double cheddar) $15

Burger Liquor is halfway up Willis Street, just past the Capital Markets food court. It previously housed Crazy Horse Steak House and, before that, Armadillos.

For me, Burger Liquor sets the bar for burger joints in Wellington (to be fair it is one of only a few dedicated burger joints in Wellington). Regardless, they have upped the game and set the bar high. It is currently my go-to place. They have been going a couple of years now and I apologise for taking so long to get a review up!!

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Nanny's Food Truck, Hit the Mark - 9/10

Nanny's food truck makes, hands down, the best burger in Wellington - if you can find him.  He is a truck you know.  And he moves around.

However, if you go to the Nanny Nation facebook page, you can get cryptic updates on where Nanny's is likely to be. If he is near where you are, then get there.  But get there early because there will be a line. And there will be a line for two reasons - the burgers are damn good - and Nanny's is the slowest fast-food provider I have ever been to.  Expect to wait 15 minutes to 45 minutes from the time you order. Maybe longer, maybe not so long.