Parade Cafe, Wellington - Beef Burger with Bacon, Egg and Onions - 3/10

 Parade Cafe has taken over the Tugboat on Oriental Parade, and an awesome venue it is - apparently now complemented by tasty food.  Its Beef Burger with Bacon, Fried Egg and Onion served with salad and wedges  ($19) had me all excited.
Parade Cafe - a fine looking burger
This excitement escalated when the burger arrived.  As you can see from the picture it was an awesome looking burger - well constructed on a nice looking sesame seed bun.  Now I dont believe in egg so this was quickly removed from the burger.  The burger had mayo and a bbq sauce, along with some salad leaves.  All looking good so far...and then I attempted to eat it.

Parade Cafe - burger opened up for analysis

It's a cut in half and eat burger as a result of its size; and thats ok with me.  Unfortunately looks deceived and I was immediately disappointed as I took a bite.  The bun, instead of being soft with a bit of crunch was pretty hard and dry - i.e. stale.  The meat patty was solid as lacked moistness and flavour.  The bbq sauce and the mayo were all that gave it any liquidity - i even slathered some of that tomato sauce onto the burger in an effort to make it more palatable. Perhaps the egg yolk may have provided some more moistness but i didn't see the point at that stage.  Again, the salad leaves didn't add value and i cant recall the fried onions at all.  Were they even on there?

Overall, a good looking burger that just did not stack up to the taste test. I doubt whether i will be trying that burger again - 3/10.


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