Burger Wellington 2013

The WOAP lineup for 2013 has been revealed, with 69 entries for Burger Wellington.  It will be a mission, but one that I will subscribe to with relish and gusto (with some help from a few trusty burger aficionados!!)

I'm thinking I will probably get through a dozen.  Any thoughts on which they should be?  Here is the list.

Note that I only very reluctantly stray away from Beef patties...Lamb maybe, Chicken? At a pinch.  Seafood?  If you pay me.  Vegetarian? not a chance.  Dessert?  Thats what ice-cream is for.

Regulators.  Saddle up!!


  1. Hi Jason, don't forget to pop back to Trade KItchen for the Fatboys' Revenge Burger ... you've only got till the end of the week!

  2. Cant believe I missed it as it was on my list of ones to try!! I picked the wrong time to leave my job and was out of town for most of Burger Wellington. However, I will come in for the current burger on your menu!!

  3. Hi Jason - we missed you during Wellington on a Plate - but realise now that you have been working out of Wellington. Just to let you know that our "Miss Piggy Goes Bush Burger" is available during brunch this Saturday and Sunday (31 Aug / 1 Sept) at Charlie Bill - Fine Food Bistro should you be in Welly. Leigh

    1. Hi Leigh. Congratulations on making the top 5. Next year - winner!!

      Unfortunately its all conspiring against me this year. I'm in Palmy this weekend for my niece's birthday! Let me know if you keep it on longer...it sounds delish!!


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