Cobar, Eastbourne, The Co-burger (WOAP 2013) - 6.5/10

Rosemary lamb patty, Zany Zeus halloumi, beetroot and salad in a Pandoro bun served with hand cut chips - $19

Being stuck out in the Hutt Valley during Burger Wellington did have a silver lining in that it meant I had to try the suburban offerings.  I had tried the Empire entry in Petone the week before, and now had a chance to head out to Cobar in Eastbourne for the Co-burger.

What had been holding me back from going there was the lamb pattie.  After a disappointing experience at McDonalds, I have steered clear of lamb burgers.  However, with limited options, I thought I would go with the flow.  Joining me were fellow Huttites Tony and Gavin.

An interesting place Eastbourne.  A totally different demographic.  Richer.  Older.  We were the first customers in Cobar at 12 noon.  From then a steady stream of aged people entered the establishment.  Nothing against old people.  I am heading in that direction.  Just an observation.  Perhaps that is why they served lamb.  Easier on the dentures.

Very interesting presentation.  A tall burger and six jenga chips - three one way and then three the other.  Tomato sauce served in a spoon.  All served on one half of a grey platter.  I don't know.  It just didn't look right.  Check the photo and let me know whether I am right or just being overly critical.

 Anyway, the order on the plate flowed through to the burger.  It was actually neatly constructed like a jenga tower.  Points there as burgers with the ingredients slapped on willy nilly really bug me...

Ingredients were as noted, with the salad being mesclun.  A slice of beefsteak tomato and red onion rounded out the burger.  Tomato relish on the bottom and aioli on the top.

The cross section revealed a well done pattie with a fine grind (ok its lamb).  The fillings were contained nicely within the toasted bun when smushed down.  Unfortunately, and completely unlike the other two, there was no escape of pattie juice.  Both Tony and Gavin were struggling to contain the juices that were gushing out of their burgers.  How could this happen?  What was different about my pattie?  Was it from a different batch?  Was it cooked longer?  Could it have been an old pattie reheated?  Who knows.  In any case it was dry and I was disappointed.  I wanted my pattie juice.

In terms of flavour, there was a slight curry hit from the pattie. (I thought it was meant to be rosemary flavoured?)  This contrasted with the sweetness of the beetroot and the smoothness of the aioli.  The halloumi  or "squeaky cheese" provided an interesting (in a good way) texture.

Personally, it was not my flavour.  Whether it was the lamb, or the spice, it didn't excite me.  I could only give it 6.5 out of 10.

Service was excellent.  They served Bundaberg ginger beer.  When we left, the place was packed out.  Manager said it was because of Wellington on a Plate.  Awesome!!

Average age of diners - 60+.


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