Fat Dog, Rotorua, Dogs Bollucks - 1/10

The Fat Dog in Rotorua has served up what has to be the worst burger I have ever had - the Dogs Bollox Burger.  While the description was mouthwatering -

2 Beef patties, fried egg, lettuce, coleslaw, roast tomato, onion rings, caramelised onion, and sesame bun with fries

- the actual tower of terror that arrived would make the dog's eyes water.

You really have to ask yourself what were they thinking?  Have they even tried to eat the burger themselves?  Do they really think this is something a customer might want?  Do they think its funny?  Impressive? Come on.  It has to be a joke right?

Let me describe the tower.

  • Bun
  • Salad leaves
  • processed pattie
  • caramelised (fried) onion
  • processed pattie (because one processed pattie just won't annoy the senses enough)
  • fried egg
  • roasted tomato
  • onion ring
  • another onion ring
  • beetroot twist?
  • sesame seed bun
  • skewer to stop it from toppling over.
Sorry but a cross section shot just isn't possible.

I tried a processed pattie - one bite.  Bad, even on a processed pattie scale.
I sampled the beetroot (it was a garnish, not an ingredient)
I ate the onion rings.
I poked the egg
I ate the chips (dipped them in the egg yolk)

I left the rest on the plate.

Dogs Bollox


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