Return to Fergburger (Queenstown), Double Ferg with Cheese - 8.5/10

Prime New Zealand beef (X2), lettuce, tomato, red onion, aioli, tomato relish, cheddar cheese - $15.50

Against all odds, I returned to Queenstown on a work trip.  Having been thwarted on my last attempt to review the Fergburger by having to wait half an hour before I actually got to eat it, I made sure that I ate in.

This was an experience in itself as the place was packed and you almost needed a taser to protect your seat.  I had to shoo away a family of three who squeezed into my pew when I got up to grab my order (I was only gone 15 seconds and had left my full coke bottle on the table to show I was coming back).

Unsurprisingly, my order was exactly the same as last time round.  The Double Ferg with Cheddar Cheese and a  side of onion rings.  In an effort to dig in while it was still hot I quickly took the mandatory shots.  Close up, open and ... I didn't have a knife to prep for the cross-section.  Oh well. Back up for a shot of the burger and onion rings.

You can understand why Fergburger has such a strong following.  It was a damn tasty looking burger.  No pretenses, just quality ingredients with a focus on the fundamentals.  Quality home-made nicely charred patties.  Homemade soft white buns, lightly toasted.  The basic fillings - lettuce, tomato, red onion.  The condiments - relish, aioli.  And then it is slightly on the big side, which attracts the adrenaline hunters who have been out in the elements all day.  A recipe for success.

Tastewise, nothing stood out.  But everything you expected was there.  It was meaty, cheesy, juicy, creamy, saucy.  Just what you look for in a burger.  The only thing I would add would be gherkins.  A great burger.  The best burger I have had outside of a couple of winners of the Burger Wellington challenge and definitely the best fast food burger I have had.

There was a girl sitting next to me (from Auckland - I just cannot remember her name) who proclaimed that her tofu burger was the best vegetarian burger she had ever had.  An oxymoron I know, but then to each their own.

The burgers are definitely the star of the show.  However, the staff are great as well.  They are so energetic and excited to share their stories of Fergburger.  They look like they are having a great time, despite the chaos of non-stop queues for 18 hours.  Similarly, the onion rings, which they make from scratch, are also very good.  I have had better but, again, for a fast food joint, they are a class above.

If you are passionate about burgers, or even if you just like them.  Then waiting in line at Fergburger is a small price to pay.  Just make sure you eat it while its fresh.  Damn fine and my pick as favourite burger in my blog ... so far.


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