Burger Liquor, double standard - 8.5/10

Double Standard - ground chuck, cheddar, pickle, house ketchup and mustard mayo (double beef and double cheddar) $15

Burger Liquor is halfway up Willis Street, just past the Capital Markets food court. It previously housed Crazy Horse Steak House and, before that, Armadillos.

For me, Burger Liquor sets the bar for burger joints in Wellington (to be fair it is one of only a few dedicated burger joints in Wellington). Regardless, they have upped the game and set the bar high. It is currently my go-to place. They have been going a couple of years now and I apologise for taking so long to get a review up!!

The burgers are consistently good, underpinned by a focus on the basics .  An excellent ground chuck pattie that is well-seasoned and well-cooked - charred on the outside, and (usually) slightly pink on the inside.  The cheese is nicely melted. It is all held together with a toasted brioche bun.

The standard comes with the classics - pickle, ketchup and mustard mayonnaise. The double standard doubles up on the pattie and the cheese.  As these two items are the hero of the burger, it is well worthwhile going with the double.  As well, the burgers are on the smallish side, so if you have an appetite (as I do) you will find the double standard does the trick for lunch. - maybe some curly fries on the side and a milkshake or sundae if you skipped breakfast.

I do find their house ketchup rather bland.  More of a passata than a ketchup in my book.  I would just go for a solid Heinz, which would make it a real classic. There is little else I can fault on this burger.

Service and atmosphere are classic burger bar. The liquor refers to the huge selection of rums and bourbons, cocktails and alcoholic milk-shakes.

Burger Liquor has stuck to its guns.  It only has burgers on the menu.  And only seven options to choose from (two if you want beef).  Okay, it also serves a couple of salads, four  types of fries, fried chicken and dumplings. However, I have never strayed from the burgers - and neither should you.


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