Nanny's Food Truck, Hit the Mark - 9/10

Nanny's food truck makes, hands down, the best burger in Wellington - if you can find him.  He is a truck you know.  And he moves around.

However, if you go to the Nanny Nation facebook page, you can get cryptic updates on where Nanny's is likely to be. If he is near where you are, then get there.  But get there early because there will be a line. And there will be a line for two reasons - the burgers are damn good - and Nanny's is the slowest fast-food provider I have ever been to.  Expect to wait 15 minutes to 45 minutes from the time you order. Maybe longer, maybe not so long.

But the waiting is part of the experience. The anticipation of what you are going to get.  With a whole lot of others also anticipating. Watching the smoke pour out of his truck. Watching the production line as a dozen burgers are assembled at a time. Watching the disappointment as names are not called out that time around. Watching as the other food truck around Frank Kitts Park have only 1 or 2 customers while the Nanny Nation has 20. Wondering whether he has forgotten your order and starting to freak out as everyone's name but yours is called. Or another Jason steps forward just as you do and JP says 'yours is coming'.  You breathe a sigh of relief and are just thankful that you are still going to get one. You wouldn't really have it any other way.

Anyway, the burger.  I have only had the Hit the Mark, and i cant go past it.  I will next time. I think. If only it didn't hit the mark each time!!

A great burger starts with the pattie, which Nanny's has down pat. Beefy. Well seasoned. Crispy char. Medium. A coarser grind gives great texture.

Add to that two types of cheese - cheddar and swiss I think. Melted onto the pattie.

A brioche bun. Toasted.

 You could probably stop there and I would be happy. But lets keep going.

Add quality, crisp bacon.  Add deep fried gherkin. Stop already.  You had me at 'brioche bun'.

The uniqueness of the Nanny burger is provided by the salad.  This is more of a slaw, with red and white cabbage, and carrots. However, if you dig a bit deeper you find mandarin slices and apple.

The ensemble is all finished off with mayo and a tomato sauce/relish.

And it all works together to give you what may well be the best burger you have ever had.  But don't tell everyone.  I am happy to wait a half an hour (give or take half an hour) for my burger, but not much more than that (I only get an hour lunch break!!)

Oh, and pick up some curly fries while you are there.  Again you wont be disappointed.

Price should not even be a consideration. To be honest I can't even remember.  Burgers are around $10, maybe a bit more or a bit less.  Worth it at twice the price. Get there already.


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