Gasworks, Miramar - King Kong - 7.5/10

I had never been to Gasworks and so when the opportunity arose, i piled the kids and the wife into the car and headed across the city to Miramar.  Had the kids keep their eyes peeled for hobbits as they tend to hang around that area when they aren't required on set!!

Gasworks took up one whole side of a suburban shopping centre - there was no way you could miss it.  On entering we were asked whether we had reserved a table (in Miramar?), which we hadn't and then were shown to one of several that were unoccupied.  There was definitely an air of Cobb & Co to the place, when the kids received large placemats filled with activities, jokes etc. and a kids meal combo for $9.95.

With only one goal in mind i ordered the King Kong.  A char-grilled, 1/2 pound prime angus beef pattie, crispy bacon, swiss chees, tomato slices, red onion, butterhead lettuce and our very own southern style BBQ sauce.  Served with classic cut fries. $19.90.

On arrival, the presentation was impressive but confusing.  The burger was served on a ciabatta type bun (which they had neglected to advertise on the menu - but which wouldn't have stopped me from ordering it).  And it was served as an open sandwich!!  Burger King style - keep the hot side hot and the cold side cold...

No problem.  After photographing the evidence, i rearranged the burger slightly as the bits were a bit all over the bun, slapped it together, and cut it down the middle.  (Experience has shown me that with a ciabatta bun you dont want to be trying to eat it whole as, without the give, the contents would go everywhere.)

The pattie was well cooked and appeared juicy.  I would question whether it was a half pounder - but won't go there.  It was plenty big enough anyway.  On tasting the pattie did well.  It was juicy and had nice texture.  If i have to criticise, it did lack a bit of seasoning.

In terms of flavour, the contents worked well together.  The butternut lettuce was an improvement on mesclun definitely.  However, the southern style BBQ sauce was more of a bland tomato sauce more suited to a pasta dish than a burger.

But lets not be too picky.  It is still the best tasting burger I have reviewed on the site so far - I have scored it 7.5/10.  To be honest, however, it could have been so much more.

Footnote:  my wife ordered the Holy Cow - Prime angus rump steak, beer battered onion rings, swiss cheese, creamy mushroom sauce, tomato slices, red onion and butterhead lettuce.  We didn't know till it arrived, but it was a burger as well...This doesn't show on the dinner menu, which has another three burgers - a goat mince (Barry Crump), chicken (Chicka Dee China) and a kumara (Albert Einstein)...Note to restaurants - steak burger's rarely work.  you simply cannot bite through a steak burger with all its fillings without pulling the whole lot out unless you are a shark.  Serve it as an OPEN STEAK SANDWICH!!


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