Devil Burgers, Queenstown, Yankee Devil - 6/10

Queenstown was humming. School holidays meant the hordes were in town. After struggling to find somewhere to eat the night before (we ended up in a dingy food hall, where the kids had MacDonalds and I went hungry) we decided to eat at Devil Burger, which was relatively empty at 5.30pm (this was in stark contrast to FergBurger down the road where there was a queue). It was also a chance for me to review a burger outside of Wellington (I knew I had called it BurgerNZ for a reason!!)

I went for the Yankee Devil as this was the closest i could get to a cheeseburger.  The basic devil burger comes with their own Devil Relish, which i wasn't too keen on sampling.  The Yankee Devil came with cheese, pickles, fancy lettuce, red onion, tomato, aioli and tomato relish.  I ordered the regular size for $12.50.  (Large was $14.50 but looked significantly larger).

When the burger arrived it looked ready for the ball.  Well wrapped, the onion and mayo offering a glimpse out the front end.  Unfortunately it was all window dressing.  Check out the opened burger.  The onion and the mayo were planted in a position of prominence but the rest of the burger was neglected.  They were joined by a solitary slice of tomato and enough lettuce to hide the pattie and the cheese.  At least they were consistent.  A lone gherkin slice was perched on the onion.

The burger, overall, barely squeaked past average.  My score of six was largely in support of the initial presentation, a solid bun, and an alright pattie.  I would expect more from a place that specialises in burgers.  There is a reason this place is relatively empty, whereas Fergburger was packed!!


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