Uncle Mikes Kansas City BBQ, Petone - 8/10

Worlds Best Burger.  A juicy, flame-grilled burger cooked to order, garnished with lettuce, tomato and onion.  With cheese. - $15

So Uncle Mike's was another place that I felt I had to review, but couldn't quite bring myself to actually go out of my way to get to.  Especially after what was a fully expected let down at Cadillac Diner a week earlier.  So it was a stroke of fortune that the mall was shut and Tony and I couldn't decide on a curry alternative before our movie. Skyfall - brilliant by the way.

While not much to look at, you just knew it was going to be tasty!!
The bun defied its appearance.
And so I tentatively suggested Uncle Mike's as an alternative option on the premise that I had to review their burger at some stage and, considering we weren't overly inspired to visit a particular curry house, we could review a burger instead.  Probably wouldn't be good but, in the interest of the blog, it had to be done...Tony agreed and we went.

We were surprised that the joint was busy.  Last time I visited I was one of two tables there.  There was a glimmer of hope that the food was on the improve.  Flipping to the burger section on the menu, the first burger was referred to as the "Worlds Best Burger".  Way to keep expectations low Uncle Mike!!

Presentation was a bit disappointing.
Why would you cut your tomato in wedges?
So I couldn't pass on that option even if I wanted to. A classic burger with lettuce, tomato and onion. I went with the cheese option.  Tony went with the Obama Burger, which had pineapple and BBQ sauce.  Clever Mike!!  Obama.  Hawaiian.  Pineapple...

What really piqued my interest was when the waiter asked how we wanted the pattie cooked.  He offered up medium rare or medium as options.  I asked if the patties were freshly ground.  He said yes. We went with medium rare.  Why wouldn't you.

 Expectations were rising.

They arrived as open burgers.  Hot stuff on one bun.  cold stuff on the other.  For self assembly.  Not really my thing.  And not really a classic burger thing.  But I will let that slide.  Immediate criticisms - the cheese wasn't melted.  The tomato was cut in wedges.  How do you keep your tomato in your burger when it is cut into a wedge.  Why wouldn't you serve slices??  The burger was also on the petite side.  Expectations started to slide.

However, once I composed the burger and then cut it in half I was starting to get excited again.  It was definitely cooked medium-rare!!

Taste test.  It was an excellent burger.  The pattie was moist and well seasoned with a good feel in the mouth.  The texture was just right.  The bun was perfect.  Lightly toasted.  Fresh and supportive it didn't take away from the main event - which was the pattie.  The major disappointment now was the fact the burger was petite and it was gone all too soon.

The pattie was medium rare.  Notice the medium grind
on the beef which added texture!!
If I had to add another criticism, the world's best burger would have benefited from some mayo, ketchup and/or mustard.  A bit of pickle would not have gone amiss either.  However, there was Heinz ketchup on the table and so I added that to the burger myself.  However, these criticisms should not deter.  The burger was excellent as it was.  It receives my highest score so far of 8/10.  And to be fair, the Obama Burger, with the BBQ sauce and Pineapple, was more complete.  The way Tony went on and devoured it suggests that it may have even outscored the "world's best burger".

The fries, which were homecut, were excellent.  While not overly crispy, they were well seasoned and had a subtle crunch to them.  The condiments were quality - Heinz sauce rather than the cheap catering stuff.  A big thumbs up as this is often where the quality is squeezed.  The service was excellent.  BTW we had a side of buffalo wings, which were superb!!

Our visit to Uncle Mike's has reinvigorated me.  With expectations so low, and the actual experience so high, my faith that there are good burgers out there has been restored.  I just have to find them.  The search will continue...


  1. Malo Jason. Must try out the the best. An Obama at Uncle Mike's, next time am in you city. Goin to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come!


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