Deville Cafe, Nelson, Beef Burger - 7/10

An unexpected trip to Nelson for a business meeting resulted in the unearthing of a hidden gem!!  It is highly unlikely that I would have stumbled across Deville if it had been me and my family on holiday.   My colleagues took me to lunch to their local.  And it was the local.

Deville has an unassuming entrance, off the main road.  One minute we were walking through car parks and past offices.  The next we were in a vibrant cafe, with a wonderful outdoor setting.  A bit like an oasis in a parking lot.  Not many tourists.  Not surprising as if you didn't know it was there you wouldn't find it.  It seems they like it that way - the locals that is.  Ha! I'm in on your secret Nelsonians.

On the menu board, a range of enticing items surrounded the burger.  The description contained all the right ingredients.  Lettuce, cheese, onion, tomato, pickle, Chipotle mayo.

Sensing that this cafe was above the ordinary, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to give it a go even if it was a business lunch.  I was sure my hosts would understand when I started dissecting and photographing my lunch.

The burger arrived in two halves.  The hot side with the pattie and melted cheese.  The cold side with the veg.  In the middle was a pottle of the chipotle mayo.  Semi deconstructed.  I applied my home economic skills and placed the cold half on top of the hot half to create a cheese burger.

It looked pretty impressive.  Not the sort of meal you want to eat without a knife and fork.  However, I had to dissect it.  And by now I had filled my colleagues in on my quest for the perfect burger.  They were more than OK with my odd behaviour and ramblings about what differentiates a good burger from a great burger. 

The dissection revealed a quality pattie that didn't appear at all processed.  I was feeling pretty confident that it would taste great.  And it did. The bun was toasted. The pattie was nicely seasoned with a good mouth feel.  The cheese was quality and melted nicely. Lettuce was crisp.  The right amount of onion and pickle.  It was all there.

Apart from the sauce.  I had forgotten to add the chipotle mayo.  And there was nothing on the burger itself. I resorted to dipping the burger into the chipotle mayo, which, being in a small pottle, was not too elegant.  And being a bit self conscious I tried hard not to be overly vigorous in my dipping.  Which was unfortunate as the chipotle mayo was exactly what the burger needed to elevate it to the next level.

If I have to criticise, which I do, the chipotle mayo should have been put onto the burger rather than provided as a side in a pottle.  There were no fries anyway so there was no real purpose for having it in a pottle.  While it was good for presentation, there was negative functionality.

Overall, however, it was an excellent burger, let down only by my inability to slather it with the supplied chipotle mayo.  At $18 it was on the high side for a burger that came without fries.  However, the ingredients were quality and the ambiance was excellent.  Worth finding this place if you have the urge to try a good burger.I gave it a seven out of ten.  Quality but with construction issues.

Thanks Bill and Melissa for letting me in on your little secret.  Its safe with me!!  However, to be honest, Deville doesn't have a website so good luck trying to find it people.


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