Tuatua, Wellington - beef burger - 7/10

Ground pure angus beef pattie made to our own recipe, served in focaccia bread, with traditional tomato sauce, salad and garlic aioli with cumin cheese - $9.50

Tuatua is located in an unassuming hole in the wall (boatshed) on the waterfront under Frank Kitts Park.  I have passed by it a number of times without paying it too much attention.

However, on a nice day it is difficult to ignore, and so Dawn and I stopped by for lunch.  We were pleasantly surprised and have since been back several times.

This is as close to a "healthy" tasting burger as I have had.  This is probably because it more closely resembles a sandwich, with a solid serving of salad leaves, and un-melted cumin cheese on a focaccia bun.

The sauces - tomato relish and garlic aioli - support the cumin cheese, which is the overriding flavour, and provide some moistness to the burger.

The pattie, nicely charred and well seasoned, is a bit on the small side.  Tasty however.

All up, it combines to form a fresh, tasty burger that doesn't leave you feeling too satiated.  This is probably why my wife enjoys Tuatua so much (and why I have to follow it up with a muesli bar or two when I get back to the office.

The ingredients are quality, with home made pattie and sauces, quality cheese and an artisan bun.  Tuatua has several burgers on the menu, including a venison option.  They also do American hotdogs and nachos.

Food comes served in a paper bag.  There are a few sets of outdoor furniture that you can use.  However, you would probably want to go sit on the rockwall or laze on a bench in Frank Kitts Park while watching the fitness fanatics doing "boot camp".  You can feel good about yourself eating a "healthy" meal.

Unfortunately the place is exposed to the weather, and so probably struggles when it isn't sunny and windless.  However, if it is a nice day this summer (without a doubt there will be many), then head on down to Tuatua.  You won't be disappointed -7/10.

And when you are done, pop around the corner to Kaffee Eis for a refreshing gellato or deliciously creamy ice cream.


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