Six Barrel Soda, Little Burgers combo - 8/10

Is that a gecko in my beef brisket burger?
Little Burgers - slow cooked pulled pork with barbeque and mayo; grilled halloumi with barbecue and mayo; smoked beef brisket with barbeque and mayo; smoky tofu with hummus and relish.

Six Barrel Soda shouldn't be so hard to find.  Nor should it be hidden away upstairs with entry through a side street off Dixon Street.  It was previously Eva Dixon's.   Unfortunately the location just doesn't seem to scream "come in!!".

(note:  I have just realised that Eva Dixon's is named because the side street is Eva Street.  It is not the name of some chick.  Clever.) 

But you should go in.  And those in the know do.  Because let me tell you, these little burgers rock!!

or maybe frog legs?  bonus!!
I visited on a whim with Tony, following an online search to find somewhere we could try a burger.  For some reason Six Barrel Soda showed up on my Google search.  It sounded a bit eclectic and so I thought we would give it a try.  Lucky us.

The place is tiny.  We sat on stools on the bench that ran along the window (see website link).  This isn't the place you would visit with a crowd.  The place specialises in homemade sodas.  And so their food menu is pretty small.  However, there are four burgers on the menu (which is way more than the obligatory one that most cafe's offer).

There was a combo of two little burgers, fries and a soda for $17, which seemed like a pretty good deal.  There were two meat options so there wasn't too much effort in choosing which two I was going for.  Beef brisket and pulled pork.  I think I got the pomegranate soda.

The burgers took a while to arrive.  Considering there were only two other customers there this was a bit worrying.  However, when they did come, they were worth the wait.

a  limited menu but with four burger options.
Difficult to do the standard review considering there was no meat pattie to dissect.  However, these burgers delivered the goods.  Meat, sauce, salad, mayonnaise.  A couple of slices of gherkin on the side was a nice touch.  The pulled pork and the brisket were moist and tender.  The mayo and barbeque sauce complemented perfectly, and the bun was soft and nicely toasted.  It was damn difficult to pick a winner out of the two - they were both great in their own way.

While the burgers were described as little, they were still relatively substantial.  More than a slider, there was at least a half dozen bites in each.  And each bite was a joy.  Tony was also satiated which suggests a solid amount of kilojoules were presented.

The fries were also really good and you got a solid handful.  McDonald's style and nicely salted.  The soda was quite unique and added to the experience.  So not only was it a quality meal, it was also good value for money.

Reason for visiting:  The burgers alone make it worth searching for the location and then waiting 15 odd minutes for them to arrive.


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