Celcius, Petone, Beef and Bacon Slider - 4/10

The Celcius cafe (now Farenheit) in Petone (Old Hutt Road) had this little number on their menu earlier this year.

They called it a slider but it was a bit too substantial to really be one.  There is no way you would down three, Even two would be a struggle. It was stuck somewhere in between.  An awkward place to be for a burger.

In any case, it wasn't one of the best burgers I have had.  Too much bun and the pattie was too dense from memory.  It was quite tall and so pretty hard to handle.

This is just a short post because a) it was a while ago now that I had it and b) the burger is no longer on the menu...

Others must have agreed.  But I thought I would post it anyway because I had the photos loaded.

The burger wasn't so small really.
It was just the chips were ginormous.


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