Egmont St. Eatery, Filet-O-Cray, WOAP 2017

Crumbed crayfish and squid, crayfish tartare, housemade cheese, steamed bun, served with pāua saltdusted shoestring fries, $25

by Bella Donna

This is easily the best burger I've ever eaten - if I could have one of these every week for the rest of my life I'd be in heaven.

For a seafoodie like me this is burger perfection. Incredible 'fillet' - made of squid and crayfish with a real deep, dark and dirty crustacean flavour. The crayfish tartare kept it *ahem* moist. 

Julienned fennel and baby salad leaves provided contrast and crunch without making life difficult.

Great burgerability. The bun held things together beautifully with just the right amount of juice running down your hands to the plate. 

The fries were next level - paua salt, where have you been all my life?

Great presentation. It came in its own takeaway box. Service was speedy and faultless. 

If you're cray-cray about seafood, don't miss out! I score the burger an 11/10!!


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