Hideaway, Down and Dirty Cheeseburger - 8/10

The Down and Dirty Cheeseburger - Brioche, Mustard, Pickle, Onions and Shoestring Fries $12.

The Hideaway Bar is a new eatery up the Plimmer Steps off Lambton Quay.  Its pretty hidden away (which is probably why they went with the name.

But having tried this burger, it shouldn't be hidden away.  It should be out there being eaten by the masses every lunchtime.

Now there is an endorsement I don't make every day.

So back up, why the ringing?

First the basics.  This is a classic burger.  There is bun, pattie, cheese, sauce, mustard, pickle, onion.  They haven't tried to dress it up with fancy - schmansy ingredients.  When presented with a range, I always go for the classic cheese-burger.  There is no reason to mess with it, unless you are trying to hide something.  And these guys aren't.

Second the quality.  Now the pattie was superb.  Good grind.  Great flavour (I'm sure I tasted a fair bit of Worstershire in there - a favourite ingredient I have been known to add to my own homemade jobbies.  Note I could well be wrong, but they definitely upped the meat flavour). Apparently the prepare their own patties, including the selection of meat and the grind.  They also get in special 'plastic' cheese, which actually wasn't out of place.  Bun was nothing special but it didn't have to be.  It was simply a holder for that tasty pattie.

Third the presentation.  It had that American Diner look to it, all wrapped up in the red and white check grease paper.  Served with a side of thin cut fries (these could have been cooked a bit longer).  It didn't quite go with the theme and the decor of the establishment.  However, from a burger perspective only, the presentation was outstanding.

But don't take my word for it.  Give it a go!!

 A special thanks to Simon L for uncovering this place.  I never would have found it on my own. 

But. In a previous life. The Hideaway was the Bull and Bear, which was the clubrooms for the Harlequins/Old Boys University rugby club for a couple of seasons.  I spent many a Saturday evening there with the boys, chopping beer and telling tales.  Great times.

You cannot tell me you don't want one of these bad boys!!


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