Velvet Burger, Dunedin - 4/10

Velvet Burger is in Dunedin. It is an institution there with two stores and is held up as the best burger joint in town. It is also in Christchurch and in Auckland.

I was keen to give it a go when last I was in Student City.

 Unfortunately, as you can see from the photos, it was pretty unappealing.

I went for the Big Brown" - two patties with double cheese, aioli, salad and velvet relish. Cost me $13.90. Also had a half scoop of fries at $2.90.

Too much bun, even for a double pattie.  Too much aioli, even for a double pattie.

The patties were lifeless and tasted processed.  The aioli and the velvet relish were bland. Salad was fancy leaf lettuce - a garnish.  In terms of care, the buns weren't toasted. the cheese wasn't melted.

All up it was a poor reflection of burgers in the region if this was the best they had to offer. Suggests little to no competition.

To be fair, the place had a funky vibe. The burgers had cool names. The staff were friendly enough.

They also have a "Goneburger", which combines a beef and a chicken pattie.  Even with the name,  I wasn't willing to give that one a shot.

Anyway, after a long night on the turps, which I am sure happens with regularity in Dunedin, one of Velvet Burgers offerings would probably hit the spot.

Sober. Probably not.



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