Five Boroughs, Double Royale - 7/10

Ground beef brisket pattie x2, cheddar x2, ketchup, mustard, onion and pickle, lettuce, tomato, mayo - $17

Five Boroughs in Marjoribanks Road in Mount Vic and describes itself as an authentic New York style eatery and bar. Its also been described as a deli-diner-dive. I guess you get the picture.

As it was my birthday not long ago, I got to choose where we went for dinner and this is where we ended up!

The place definitely had atmosphere and a pretty awesome menu - definitely geared towards a person with my taste for fine dining!! However, with the kids egging me on, there was only one item on the menu I could seriously consider - a burger!!

And they had the classic cheeseburger for just $10. As it was dinner, I upped this to a double ($15) and as it was my birthday I made it a royale (lettuce, tomato, mayo). At $17 it was still a bargain in my books. [ed note - with inflation prices have gone up since then.  $12 for classic, $18 for double pattie.  I knew the prices were too good to be true.]

When the burger arrived it looked magnificent (see picture). Now this is what a burger should look like. Definitely the best looking burger I have ever had. The bun had a sheen and was speckled with sesame seeds. The cheese was oozing.  It was stacked up high. It made me want to eat it.

I really liked this burger!! Flavour-wise it certainly delivered. Cheesy, salty, and pickle to cut through with a bit of sweet n sour. Burger-ability, a bit of a mouthful but it was pretty good for something so tall.

 If I had to be critical, the only thing I could fault was the patties.   A pretty important component to criticise to be sure.  If anything, they were on the dry side. Luckily there were plenty of other sources to keep the burger slightly moist!!

 I will check the patties again next time just in case I got a bad batch. Otherwise I can fully recommend five boroughs for their burgers. Alternatively give them a go yourself and let me know. Chances  are you won't be disappointed.


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