Burger Wisconsin, Petone. Beef and Cheese 5/10

You will find as this blog progresses that a burger for me is a cheeseburger (beef, cheese and condiments) - and Burger Wisconsin puts together a pretty good one.

Which is why I have started my blog with this the Wisconsin Beef and Cheese.  For me this is the standard against which i will set my scale.  I reckon half the burgers i have had are better and half are worse.  Therefore, the Wisconsin Beef and Cheese starts off the scoring with a 5/10.  If I think another burger is better it will score more than 5.  If i think it is worse, then less.

So a bit more about the burger itself.  Out of the New Zealand franchises, i reckon they do the best beef pattie.  Angus Pure.  Slightly on the small side, but texture-wise it has the right feel - not too crumbly, just meat, and well seasoned.

The cheese is nicely melted.  The bun is ok - doesn't add value but doesn't detract either.  Not too sure about using gourmet salad leaf - i always prefer the iceberg lettuce for the crunch.  Again it adds colour but then that is about it.

Under that salad leaf is a tomato, a couple of slices of onion, mayo and some tomato chutney.  Overall, the burger is a bit on the dry side.

$10.40 for the normal size, and then you need the fries, which i must admit are pretty good - very good with the garlic mayo.  In fact i added some of the garlic mayo to the burger to make it less dry.  An improvement i must say...


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