Sunday, 25 March 2012

Thunderbird, Wellington - Thunderburger with Cheese, 7/10

Thunderbird CafĂ© is on Featherston Street in Wellington.  As their website suggests, their menu displays influences and flavours from Southwest USA and Mexican cuisine, comingled with NZ favourites.  So, simply listed as a seasoned pure beef pattie with cheese, there was no surprise when their burger was delivered with a chipotle mayo.

Now this is a tasty little number.  The bun is fresh (a sesame seed bun, which i would have toasted), the pattie is beefy and nicely seasoned, and the additions are simple – lettuce, tomato, cheese – and chipotle mayo.  A juicy burger.  Easy to eat whole (which is what I love – there is nothing worse than having to use a knife and fork to eat a burger) and leaves little mess on you or your plate.  This one comes in above average and I give it a score of 7/10

Now when I said this is a tasty little number I was being literal – it is a relatively small burger!!  However, as I have only had it for lunch it is quite sufficient.  And this is also relevant when it comes in priced at $9.50.  If you have a solid appetite then order the curly fries or the onion rings (which again come with their chipotle mayo) as a side.  If you have a huge appetite, then you probably want to go somewhere else (or order two burgers).

Adding fries at $6.50 or onion rings at $8.00 does put it at the pricier end of the burger/fries spectrum so if you need more then you are really pushing it.  But you pay for what you get and you get a pretty damn good burger with some quality sides.  I have eaten this burger more than once!!

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