Celcius, Petone - Chicken Burger -5/10

Had the in-laws down over Queen’s Birthday weekend and searching for somewhere uniquely Petone for them to experience.  It looked like every other in-law was in town with cafes packed and parking at a premium.  Luckily I had an ace up my sleeve!!
Presentation was awesome!

Celcius Cafe is not on Jackson Street.  It is planted in the middle of the industrial area on Old Hutt Road.  Even with the out of the way, hidden location, there was only one table free – so we lucked out.

So I wasn’t planning on a burger as I knew they didn’t do one.  Toasted sammies are their specialty!!  However, there happened to be a chicken burger on the menu.  And my wife convinced me (I think or am I just laying blame) that I should give it a shot.

And on that long winded entry I apologise for breaking my first rule and including a non-red meat burger on my blog!!  Sorry!
Spot the protein?
To be honest, the burger wasn’t too bad!!  It had a really good bun, and the chicken was actually a pattie of sorts.  It wasn’t quite a fillet and it wasn’t quite mince.  Intriguing!! 

Compared to a beef burger it was a bit like having a spring salad – not quite the filling feeling you get from a solid serving of meat.  

Oh wait.  Maybe it was the fact that the pattie was tiny.  In fact I had to pull it out and cut it lengthwise so I could fit it across the whole burger. 

It was supported by lighter flavours including the mayo.  Basil, a pesto of sorts.  Okay Im starting to guess here.  But you could really taste the vegetables – cucumber, tomato, onion.
The pattie wasn't quite a fillet and it wasn't quite mince.
However, it was quite small!!
The showstopper was the hand cut fries.  A really good crunch and super tasty.  You can really taste the difference between mass produced fries and homemade.  Unfortunately I can’t score on the fries and it is an indication of sorts when they are the most memorable part of the dish!  

In any case, I did like the burger, but I wouldn’t order again so again a 5 out of 10 (perhaps I need to be more ruthless. But if you like chicken burgers I’m guessing it wasn’t a bad specimen).

I think it cost around $15 but don’t quote me on that.


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