Wendys, Greenlane - Warriors Burger

I'm in a bit of a dilemma.  Do I review burgers from the Fast Food Franchises.  Now this is a difficult call and I'm not sure I have the answer.  To be sure, some fast food burgers taste better than a fancy schmancy restaurant burger.  But is this enough to justify inclusion?  I eat a lot of them (fast food burgers).  Again not a justification in its own right.

Oh to hell with it.  I will include them but only when I feel like it.  And I won't score them as its too tricky.  For example, do I score them on the same scale as a gourmet burger?  How would I score or rank my beloved Big Mac?

So i had an hour to spare before a meeting and chanced upon a Wendys.  Rather than drive around for an hour I thought i would park up.  Entering, I thought it would be rude not to buy anything.  But its only 10am.  Stuff it.  Im here so Im going to have a burger.  And wait!! there is a Warriors burger.  Score!

$10.90 for a small combo.  The drink was not small!!  Solid serving of fries - which were  quite tasty by the way ...

Probably what gets you the most at fast food places is that when you get your burger it is absolutely nothing like the advertisement.  In this case ... the observation held.

Okay! So that's a bit of lettuce peeking out!

Nothing like the advert.  It was smushed.  The pattie in particular was a lot smaller in real life.  And you couldn't even see the fillings.  So I had a look under the hood.

That will teach them for paying me minimum wage!!
Opening it up it looked like it was slapped together by someone on minimum wage. Oh wait!  they probably were...

 So I rearranged the fillings and spread that bacon and mayo evenly across the burger.

I ate a few more fries to fire myself up.  However, upon taking a bite, I was pleasantly surprised.  It actually tasted not too bad.  The bun, which looked stale, was actually quite tasty. The pattie was flavourful, and supported by the bacon, which added salt and fat (more).  The mayo gave it a bit of moistness and creaminess (and more fat), and the lettuce was crunchy.  All in all a pass on the taste test.

 I don't eat Wendy's much, as the nearest one is in Paraparaumu.  But based on this effort I may go again.


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