Apache, Beauty and the Beast, WOAP 2017

Spiced Angus beef patty with smoked cheese, ugli relish, cos, tomato, herbs, chilli and kaffir lime mayonnaise in a housemade nut and seed bun, with spicy root chips - $19.

No idea why it was called "Beauty and the Beast" but I will let that slide. Ugli relish maybe?

Taste - The burger was superb, even with a nutty bun. There were some big flavours in the ingredients list but they all seemed to work together. I couldn't pick up the blue cheese but every now and then I got a Kaffir kick.

The pattie was excellent. Well cooked (medium) while still achieving the char. Seasoning was spot on and there was a bit of spice/heat blended into the pattie.

Great architecture and construction. There was a high level of burger-ability. The burger was moist, but not messy. You could pick it up and bite into it and it mostly stayed together. There was no need to reconstruct any of the fillings at any point. Personally I an a pattie on the bottom person.

Overall, a solid performance following on from their champion burger last WOAP. I give it an 8/10 and suggest people get there.


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