Atlanta, Beehive Burger - 5.5/10, Burger Wellington 2012

Island Bay Butchery corn-fed chicken thigh with streaky bacon, cos lettuce, caesar dressing, Kapiti Pamaro parmesan, free range fried egg and (optional) white anchovies on an Arobake ciabatta bun, with handcut potato chips - $20

Would you like four fries with that?

Here is another review from Fiona and her girlfriends.  By the sounds of it, it wasn't the greatest burger ever.  In fact, I probably would have scored it lower...J

I had a girl’s lunch scheduled and needed a burger location close to work, this meant Atlanta was next on my list.  My friends Jo and Loren were happy to go along with this after I sent through the link with the burger details.  Lots of positive comments and anticipation that’s for sure.  Unfortunately Atlanta didn’t live up to this anticipation. 

Upon arrival the service was good, as always, and we were quickly seated and our orders taken.  However, it took 35 minutes for our burgers to arrive during which time Jo had told us all there was to know about her new house and Loren was about to start chewing her handbag!

A Caesar Salad between buns?
Despite our desperation to eat quickly, we did take the time to assess the presentation, and it was good.  The plate was nicely laid out and it was a quirky touch to use a cup to house the fries.  

The burger itself was small, which is what you want in a lunchtime burger – nothing too carbo-loaded as you’ve got to go back to work and CONCENTRATE and be PRODUCTIVE.  But, when we when to cut into our burger to do our ‘cross-section photos’ we encountered our first problem – a very tough burger bun!

It was a very tough burger bun!!
The burger itself was more like a Caesar Salad between buns – it was better sampled with anchovies than without, although that did beg the question where do you get anchovies in Wellington?  

The chicken was juicy and tender and I loved the bacon.  Also, the burger was relatively easy to eat, nothing squirting out onto your suit or skirt, which is a good point for a Wellington CBD worker.

Anchovies anyone?
Jo liked the fact the burger had egg in it, and how it was a ‘light meal’.  Loren was also sold on the ‘light meal’ but felt a bit disappointed on her fries portion - four large fries were not enough for this young woman, particularly as they were quite tasty fries. 

Overall, the girls thought you could buy the same burger at Burger Fuel and if asked to do a blind taste test wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.  Not a good thought since this is my first chicken burger for Burger Wellington 2012.

Overall the burger got a 6, but was dropped down to a 5.5 due to the time taken to cook our burgers.  It also lost points due to the anchovies (nice taste but not local), and the name.  We just couldn’t figure out how the name matched the food.  Sorry Atlanta, better luck next year.


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