Empire, Petone - Beef Burger - 7.5/10

The Empire is a gastro pub in Petone.  It serves some awesome food, with an English slant.  
This is a burger that I tried quite a while back but never got around to writing the review.  

It is listed on the menu as 'the Empire Burger - a 180g pure beef pattie with salad, bacon, melted brie, and crisp onion rings in a gourmet bun with B.B.Q sauce and a side of crisp fries.'

Presentation was pretty good.  Fries were kept separate from the coleslaw, which was pretty good thinking that kept them from getting soggy!
 From memory it was a solid burger and came with a tasty coleslaw on the side.  What made it really good were the onion rings (I can never go past onion rings!!)  
The pattie didn't really stand out as far as I can remember. And the BBQ sauce doesn't really do much for me.  

However, the main thing that I felt let it down was the bun.  All of those seeds sitting on the top actually detracted from the flavour and texture of the burger. They could have saved some money by not going with the 'gourmet' bun and probably improved the offering.  Same with the brie cheese.  I am not a real big fan of brie in a burger.  So, considering the ingredients, at $19 it was good value for money!!
I cant really thing of anything else.My apologies for the half-assed effort at a post here, but they say a picture tells a thousand words and I offer you three. 


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