Arthurs, Just a burger - 7/10, Burger Wellington 2012

a very homely looking burger!!
Arthurs 'Just a burger' burger.  Beef patty with Harrington’s bacon, Wairarapa Jack cheese, winter coleslaw, Arthur’s mayonnaise and Ōtaki tamarillo chutney on a homemade burger bun, with crispy fried potatoes - $19

With over 60 burgers to review, you didn't expect me to do them all myself...

Thankfully, Fiona has stepped up to the plate as well and will be doing a few reviews as well.  Although after reading the review I would be quite keen to give this one a go anyway!!

The brown crockery plates were stolen from Phil's Nana's house
A rainy Sunday afternoon in Wellington is best spent in a café.  Arthur’s, at the top end of Cuba Street, is a good spot for this – not just from the point of view of the food but because of the quirky, entertaining décor and the good service.  For these reasons, Phil and I opted to begin Burger Wellington here.

Arriving on brown crockery plates that looked like they were from Phil’s Nana’s house, our burgers were of a good size and the crispy fried potatoes were of a good portion.  As a first impression we were not disappointed by the presentation or the size of our $19 meal.

We expected a beef patty with bacon, cheese, winter coleslaw, mayonnaise and tamarillo chutney, and that was all included.  We also got tomato and lettuce to keep the winter coleslaw in check.

The cheese was thickly sliced and worked well with the bacon and beef patty.  The beef patty was thick, and had a good combination of herbs and onion.

The winter coleslaw was tasty, particularly with the mayonnaise and tamarillo chutney.  Our only question about the meal relates to “on a homemade burger bun”.  As the photos show, those sesame seed buns don’t look like they were made on site.

It is going to be messy to eat...
Phil loved the crispy fried potatoes – they were well cooked and seasoned and were a good compliment to the burger.  If he could repeat those chips at home he would never eat fish and chips again!

The only downfall of this burger was trying to eat it.  Once the burger was cut in half it was messy to eat, with sauce and filling spilling out.  However, the crispy fried potatoes were on hand to mop up any spillage, so not a complete disaster.

The burger got a 6, but with the crispy fried potatoes and the size and price of the meal, we gave it an overall rating of 7.
Arthur’s was good place start to Burger Wellington, and I look forward to my ‘working girls’ lunch’ at Atlanta and their Beehive Burger.


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