Trade Kitchen, Tradesmans Burger - 6/10, Burger Wellington 2012

Pure Wairarapa beef with Ōtaki beetroot relish and Kapiti blue cheese in a housemade bun - $20.

When asked what the worst thing about the burger was he replied "the blue cheese".
When pressed about the best thing about the Tradesman burger he replied "there wasn't too much blue cheese on it".

I'm not sure whether a tradesman would have been satisfied by the size of the burger?
Now blue cheese is one of those dividing flavours on a burger.  You either love it or you hate it.  Personally I could thing of many better cheeses to add to my burger ahead of a stinky blue.  But then it is what it is.  Blue cheese does go nicely with caramelised onion and, perhaps, with beetroot relish.

To be fair we knew there would be blue cheese on this burger.  And we have not let it affect our review...Tony liked the blue cheese!!

Went along to the Trade Kitchen with two new companions today.  Brad and I were meant to go last week, but shit happened and it never happened.  But then a free day popped up, and both Tony and Gav were willing to give it a try (although Brad missed out).  I'm glad to say that that both Tony and Gav are now converted and are keen to try more burgers to see whether this burger really wasn't as good as i was saying it wasn't.

Best thing about the burger was that there wasn't too much blue cheese on it!!
Kudos to the Trade Kitchen for fitting us in.  They were busy! (Mental note, book for lunches on a Friday).  The waiter was extremely friendly and helpful and got us a table as soon as one cleared.  Again, it looks like WOAP and Burger Wellington are a winner here, with a number of burgers being served.  I specially liked the table of four ladies each with a burger.  Where else would you see that happen apart from MacDonalds?  For the record two were using cutlery and two were not.

So to the actual burger.  First impressions when they arrived were positive.  It was a clean looking burger.  The ratio of pattie to burger was good.  The bun was clean and even had a glazed look on the top surface.  Fries and sauce were standard.

The beetroot relish had seeped through the bun and the pattie!!
The burger did appear a bit on the petite side.  The bun could have been one of those you buy in the 12 packs at Pak n Save for ham rolls.  But it was home-made according to the blurb.  Although the blurb also claimed the burger was $19 but we paid $20...

If I were a tradesman, I would be a bit disappointed in the size of this burger.  More of a large slider.  Not a substantial meal that would keep a tradesman going for the afternoon.  Ok! Maybe I'm generalising a bit about how much a tradesman would normally eat for lunch.  But I guess my point is that a Tradesman burger suggests substantial while the burger was definitely not.  Lets move on.

On dissecting the burger, there was a nice dollop of beetroot relish and caramelised onion on the base bun.  The pattie was sitting on couple of cos leaves.  The cross section shows how the beetroot relish had sort of absorbed into the bun.  The pattie was cooked well done and appeared quite dense.  Top bun fluffy.  Bottom bun dense

But the proof is in the eating, and all three of us dug in.  Surprisingly Tony started off with a knife and fork.  A couple of directed jibes and he soon ditched those for his dactyls.  Sidetracking here.  The burger was ok.  It wasn't great.  The pattie was probably the component that kept it at normal.  It was relatively dense, and quite dry.  Perhaps due to overcooking or over pressing on the grill??  I'm not a chef so I couldn't tell you.  The blue cheese was relatively muted.  It actually didn't detract too much from the burger and maybe even gave it a bit of a flavour boost.

On finishing the burger there was a distinct lack of burger juice, which was testament to the dryness of the burger as a whole.  The beetroot relish and caramelised onion were sweet, which made up for the dryness a little, but not quite enough.

However, the burger was good enough for Tony and Gavin to be keen on trying more burgers. Conversation quickly moved on from the Trade Kitchen burger to which burger they would be trying next.  We collectively agreed that 6/10 would be an appropriate rating for the Tradesman's burger.


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