Burger Wellington Starts Today!!

And i can't wait.  An event within Wellington on A Plate, Burger Wellington is now in its third year, and sees over 60 restaurants competing to serve the best burger in Wellington.  Try a burger.  Text in your rating out of 10.  The top five restaurants are then involved in a cook-off, with four informed burger aficionados rating the burgers and selecting a grand champion.

I just happened to luck out last year and be one of the four judges, and am still hoping like crazy that I am one again this year.  To hedge my bets I have seven burgers lined up already and am hoping to hit some more.

Chef David Thrulow with Café Polo's The Polly Burger
 - Winner of Burger Welllington 2011
BTW, the winner last year was Cafe Polo, with the Polly burger, which was vegetarian!!!  Don't let this happen again people - so make sure you get out there and try the burgers and vote!

Burger Wellington starts today and runs through to the 24th August.  Jeremy Taylor "the Omnivore" will be taking on the challenge of a burger a day in his blog.

BERL is the sponsor of the event. If you are thinking "what is the link between an economic consultancy and Burger Wellington?" the answer is  "Me".


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