WOAP 2016 - Beef Pat Tie, Park Kitchen - 2/10

By Bella Donna

Randwick Meats premium beef mince patty with smoked beetroot, smoked provolone and bacon and egg aioli in a brioche bun, with chunky fries (NF) - $18.5

I think this might be the worst burger I’ve ever eaten, the 2 is for the fries – they were perfect (seasoned, crisp, great aioli – wouldn’t have picked it as bacon and egg but).

It was even weirder than it looks. They were riffing on a Beef Wellington – hence the enclosed shell.  The bread/pastry may have been baked, may have been deep fried.

It was horribly, horribly sweet – apparently it was a brioche, and the texture was cake like.  The filling was cooked along with the bread, so it came out stuck together making it impossible to add the vital burger ingredients to cut through the sweetness.

 No hint of the promised smokey-goodness; rather the beetroot added to the overwhelming sweetness.  Got a little hit of provolone at one stage – t’was nice.

Don’t go.


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