WOAP 2016 - Nannys Food Truck, Mark 2.0 - 6/10

200g beef and lamb patty with cheese sauce, bacon, chipotle sauce, fried pickles, caramelized onion, homemade mayonnaise and fresh slaw on a Zaida's milk bun donut, with fries $15

Nannys Food Truck is my favourite and is my best. Their 'hit the mark' burger does just that. The highest ranking burger in my blog (when I finally get around to publishing it). No wonder I was excited they were part of WOAP 2016.

Nanny's developed a special burger just for WOAP - the Mark 2.0. However, being an innovator, it wasn't so much a facelift as a completely new model. They went for a beef/lamb patty.  A slice of apple was added to the mix. and changed out the milk bun for a donut.  Yes. A deep-fried, sweet donut. Like the kind you get in a fish n chip store.

Unfortunately, another case of a classic burger joint turning out a festival burger slightly 'off the mark'. Refer to my previous post re Egmont St Eatery. Burger Liquor made the same error last year with their lamb entry. The year before Charley Noble came out with the a fish burger in a squid ink bun.

The main problem with the donut bun was that it completely screwed the burgerability.  There was no way that you were going to pick up this beast without it crumbling down around you in a heaping mess. Being a takeaway burger, the problem is compounded as you don't have access to a knife and fork, and for some reason there isn't even a napkin. A standard bun would have made all the difference!!

Tastewise, if you can get over the sweetness of the donut, there is something there. If Nanny's knows anything, its flavour and texture.  Which is delivered in spades. The patty was superb as usual. Well seasoned, perfectly charred. The rest of the ingredients worked together to deliver something special. Funny when you start noticing individual ingredients, such as bits of orange, which you would never think would work in a burger but surprisingly does.

The other downside, which may not be if you are prepared and willing, is the wait time. Sure good things take time. But sometimes, time isn't something you have. And when there are 110 odd burgers to get through not something you would have to do, unless it was something special. In this case, unfortunately, it isn't. 6/10


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