WOAP 2016 - Egmont St Eatery, Sichuan Two Tooth - 6/10

PrimeStar mutton blended patty with Sichuan sauce and pickled celery in a bao bun, with crispy fried tentacles $22

It happens every year. The winner of the previous year's WOAP burger challenge decides to have a go at something completely different. More often that not, it ends up in something that isn't as good as their previous effort.  This time round it followed pattern once again.

Last year's burger was sublime.  Chances are they could have re-entered with the same burger and it would have been a two-time winner. (I wonder why no one has tried to enter the same burger two years running. If it is great then why tamper with it?)

Instead, Egmont St has come out with something completely different. So different that I struggled to call it a burger.  Sure it was meat supported by two halves of a bun. But if it looks like a burger and tastes like a dim sum is it a burger or is it a dim sum?

Anyway,  let's review.  The pattie itself was pretty good. Very well seasoned and a good char.

Flavour was also pretty good. Asian fusion.  Mayonnaise.  Coriander. Mung beans  Whatever else gives it that taste (sorry I don't really know what ingredients contributed).  From a taste perspective it was up there.

The Bao bun let it down a fair bit.  It was quite gluey when chewed and sort of melted/stuck to your gums/teeth. The celery was also quite chewy. Delivered its function as a holder of the contents.

Further, the burger wasn't very big so if you were expecting a solid feed, you would have left hungry.  Fries would have served the purpose. The squid tentacles, while tasty, were a bit rich. They could have benefited from a dipping sauce. The meal really needed some carbs to round it out.

Ultimately I was disappointed.  Probably made worse by the fact I was expecting something great. Verdict - Good for a meal;  Average for a burger. 6/10


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