WOAP 2016 - Charley's Trap, Charley Noble Eatery & Bar, 8/10

Wagyu beef patty with trashcan gypsy-smoked Preston’s bacon, chimichurri, On Trays gruyère, truffled mayonnaise, cucumber pickle and salad (GF), 21

My first burger of WOAP and I went with a surefire winner.  Charley Noble has been in the top five for at least the last three years and won a couple of years ago.

This year's effort did not disappoint with a very solid effort at a classic beef burger.

Presentation - a mousetrap (sorry I don't have a photo of the whole thing!). A great looking burger, well put together with proportions and burger-ability (the ability to eat it as a burger should be eaten - with your hands) taken into account.

The pattie was moist and the bun was soft but crisp from the grill. A juicy burger that looked, felt and tasted great.

The truffled mayonaisse was a godsend and went well with the gruyere. The bacon was brittle and crispy - just the way I like it.

The crunchy lettuce gave it good texture and the hot pickle on top was a positive point of difference.

Price - at $21, perhaps a bit high without chips.

I think these guys will be making another run at the title and are a good bet for top five. We gave it an 8/10.
If price isn't an issue you could probably add another 0.5 to the score. And order the truffle fries.

If I were being selective then this is a good bet for you.  Make sure you book as they are only going to get busier as word get round.


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